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Professional 3D Animation Services

We specialise in 2D/3D animation, explainer videos, motion graphics, typography, product animation, whiteboard animation, and other types of animated videos. With our indulging explainer videos, we have assisted several businesses, including startups and other enterprises, in developing a strong digital presence. Our eye-catching animation videos are the most effective marketing tool for businesses to thoroughly explain their complex ideas.

Our team of professional video animators and creative scriptwriters are dedicated to providing the best video animation services to assist businesses in doing more.

2d Animaton

Digital380 should be your first pick if you’re looking for 2D animation that is effective, entertaining, and visually appealing. Our team of skilled 2D animators will take your concepts and devise complex plans on how to effectively bring your vision to life. You’ll get a 2D animated video at the conclusion of the process that delivers your desired message and is appropriate for your chosen target audience. What a great sound that is!


The most successful and popular 2D animation videos rely heavily on interesting characters and their narratives. These identities can, however, range in complexity from straightforward personas to extensive realistic stretches. The special feature of 2D animation videos is that, despite the fact that the characters are not actually humans, they may speak and portray a true human appearance for your business or product.

Motion Graphics

Use our top-notch motion graphics service to go one step further and create the best motion graphics animated videos in the industry! At Digital380, we produce simply beautiful motion graphic videos by combining seamless transitions, aesthetically appealing animations, and personalised graphics.

Animated Explainer Video FAQs

To increase brand awareness and grow your business, our skilled video animators will produce unique explainer videos that are tailored to your audience.

The answer is simple by taking our service you will get exactly what you want. Our explainer videos are designed to leave you speechless because we considered every aspect from style, design and message to fulfill the purpose of your company’s explainer video. We understand the role of explainer videos in the development of the customer base of any business that is why we give special care to the intent of the video because the explainer video should reflect the true message of the brand that clients wants to transmit into the minds of their prospects and customers. We don’t bother about fancy designs and excessive decoration in the videos rather than focus on what matters to our clients.

The video pricing is dependable on various factors like number of videos to be produced, length of video, video type etc. So we can’t mention exact figure here but one thing to address is that we don’t produce 60 second videos between €100 – €150 budgets because everything from application to animators cost us more than that and we can’t compromise on the quality of our craft that’s why we set our budget accordingly.

For detailed information about the pricing please contact or give a quote y filling up the form.

Your involvement in the process depends on you, as much as you like we don’t bother our clients after having one detailed discussion on the project the rest depends on the client’s personal interest in the project which means there are no restrictions from our side about your involvement.

If you want you can regularly enquire the status of the project , request for changes in the drafts, or any other sort of involvement you may interested in can be encouraged because we consider our clients not as an interference but as a source of motivation which drives us with more enthusiasm.

Or if you’re kind of busy person we even don’t ask you for your time because we believe in giving clients everything according to their wishes to provide maximum convenience and stay helpful.

It totally depends on the purpose of the video which means for what reason you are producing the video. If it is for blog post then you should have to create it in accordance with every blog post or if it is only for business overview than you have to get it done only once, as mentioned it depends on the purpose for which you are producing the video.

Every business has unique requirements and aims and we respect them and appreciate our clients and prospects to discuss them with us to move in alignment with them. You can seek our advice on how much videos should be release on your website or blog if you can’t figure it out yourself.

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